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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Friday, January 2, 2009


Caleb said at the Dr's office that he wanted to post on the blog. I've been waiting for him to update.......... so I will give a brief update. The Dr's said that he is healing extremely well, and quickly & he is a week ahead of schedule on how well the Integra is healing, so he will have a skingraft on Tuesday. After that heals, he will get to begin rehab on the left leg. He is so ready for that....

I have had a great Christmas break so far. THANK YOU so much for your prayers & support. Having Caleb home & with the family has been wonderful. I have decided that I will post periodically, but this is Caleb's Road, and he is in GREAT shape & able to post anytime he feels like it, so, if you don't hear from me, that's why.

Laura Katherine, I have not forgotten & will not forget to pray for your dad. Please keep me updated.
Love, Tami


Anonymous said...

hey ms.tami
this is savannah laura kates friend. mr.chuck got to come home for 4 hours on christmas so that was really great. We were worried he wouldn't get to come home. He manuvered his wheel chair all around the house it was it was great. He will get fitted with 1 new leg on the 5th the left is still a question. Please continue to pray for healing on the left leg. Thank you soooo much Savannah S.

Anonymous said...

Tami and Caleb: Tami, awesome job keeping us posted. Isn't great when our children can take over and do things for themselves Tami? We continue to think of all of you. Take care and continued prayers going your way. Hope you enjoyed your New Year. Schultz crew, L-W-B-S