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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

From Mom

I want to thank you Caleb, for posting. I appreciate anything you do to lighten the load!! I would like to let people know that Caleb is wanting to move home. He has been having so much fun hanging out with his friends that are here in town. And driving his little brother's vehicle. And going out to lunch with you, Lori.....First we need to see if the burn Dr comes to Norolk. Then we will get the ball rolling on our end. Line up therapy etc. Please be in prayer about this, that we would get everything lined up that needs taken care of. That we would be able to find a vehicle that Caleb can afford, so that he is able to get himself from point A to point B. Todd's & my job have been overly generous with letting us off work, but it would be SOOO helpful if Caleb is able to get himself around. We are trusting that God knows exactly what we need & we are trying to be patient & "know that I am God" .............I can never thank you enough for your prayers!!! Work has gotten busy, so I must go! Thank You again!!! Love, Tami

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Anonymous said...

Get well soon, brother. We're praying for you. Namaste.