Anyone who wants to send some encouragement to Caleb

Caleb's NEW Address:
132 Hillside Dr
Norfolk, NE 68701

Elkhorn Valley Bank
Caleb R. Baber Medical Fund
800 West Benjamin Avenue
P.O. Box 1007
Norfolk, NE 68702-1007
Phone: 402-371-0722

Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Monday, September 22, 2008

my thoughts...

to anyone that is praying and praising,
you are all so amazing. i cannot tell you how humbled and how grateful i am for you guys.
my friends at bbc, friends at lee, friends in nebraska, friends everywhere
to be gettin text messages or face book wallposts about how you are praying for him and how you have a genuine concern one thing that has been the biggest encouragement, i know that because of your prayers and words, it has lasted as long as it has
just pray, dont stop


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted. Please let us know if there is anywhere to send flowers or if an account is set up anywhere to help with any medical expenses. I'd love to help in anyway possible.


Greetings Friends!! said...

Praying, praying, praying back here in Nebraska!
Thanks for keeping us posted. Please tell family and friends that we are interceding on their behalf also.
The Walter family

Alberto Garcia said...

It is such a horrible thing that happened to caleb. But it is amazinhow all his friends, family members, and people that might not of known him are praying for his recovery.