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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What a beautiful day God has given us today! We had a nice chat with one of Caleb's Dr's. First off, there will be no surgery tomorrow. There is no hurry on Caleb's part to start on the reconstruction, so that being said, we want him in the best possible shape to start this phase.

He has been running a fever which is a little concerning. We are praying that God will keep all of his gastrointestinal, kidney & lung systems healthy. As of today, there doesn't appear to be any more unhealthy tissues that need to be removed. With electrical burns, that can change, but so far, so good. We don't know if the recontruction phase can start by the end of the week, but I think that's what they are looking at.

Please continue to pray that God will direct us, the family on what steps we need to take to be in the best possible shape to help Caleb also. As Caleb gets stronger, he will need us more.

I can never express the gratitude that this family feels for all the prayers, & support we have felt. What a mighty God we have. I know I speak for all of us in this area. I/we thank you all so much. If this is shorter than the other updates, it's because I am a novice at this, I will get better, I promise. I can hear Caleb now, now mom, don't get too carried away either!!!

Thanks again & please forward this website to anyone God is leading you to .........He will get the Glory through this!!!

Tami (mom)


sarah donahue said...

Moving through the entries here and experiencing the witness of faith and hope expressed, my heart is touched deeply. I came to the site to offer encouragement and find rather, that it is I who has been greatly encouraged. Thank you all for this connection to you and to Caleb and to what is happening. Praying peace and refreshment be yours, as you rest in Christ. Approaching the throne of grace in confidence, knowing the hope and victory we have in Him, the Lord of all creation, and His amazing love that transcends all we know and ask.
Joining you in singing that great hymn, Sarah Donahue

Kristin said...

Hi Tami and family,
We read the blog daily and have been praying specifically for the requests that you mention, for Caleb's healing, and the needs of medical staff, family, and friends who are taking care of him. Thank you for keeping us updated. We are trusting in the multitude of promises that God gives us in His Word and we believe that He is faithful.
Psalm 125:1 "They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth forever."
We go to a Bible Study on Sunday nights and this evening we will be lifting your requests to our Lord.
With love,
Neil and Kris Heimes and family
Norfolk, NE

Nate Purdum said...

I too find myself encouraged by reading the daily posts. In this time of great uncertainty, God has shown his glory by keeping you (the family) encouraged and, even more, by saving Caleb's life. It tears me up knowing that one of my best friends is fighting for his life and I'm not fighting alongside him, but I have taken up my sword as well as I can to fight from afar. I continually pray for Caleb and the entire family and I look forward to seeing God move even more here.

Nate Purdum
Wichita, KS