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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Monday, September 29, 2008

get excited and get ready

so i have some pretty ballin news about fundraising

check this out

andrea graham got ahold of me and we talked about a fundraising idea for caleb.

and it is this:
apple bee's has fundraising opportunities mondays, tuesdays, and wednesdays.when a costumer comes in and presents a coupon that was specially made for a fundraising project, apple bees will give 15% of that purchase to the fundraising, whatever is made that night from the coupon holders, 15% of that will go towards caleb
are you with me
ok good
so heres this
october 8th is a wednesday and we want to do this, that night. we have to go to apple bee's and get these special coupon things so that will be annoying but thats ok because its not even a big deal.

i am going to go around to the colleges here (missouri state, ozark technical, drury, evangel, and central bible) and hand out these coupons so that is going to be an adventure

also, we want to do it the same night. so people in norfolk, people here in springfield mizzou, and possibly people in tennesee, and people anywhere else can do this october 8th

if you are interested in this (either way its going to happen so you might as well get really excited about it like i am) comment on this post or message me on facebooooook

its going to happen

and im stoked

God is happening and its amazing

your sis,
burgie burg (sara burgin)

ps-get excited about this and any other fundraising/benefit for caleb.if you dont have passion about this than its going to sink and just be words.caleb's parents need help and we can do that.

be pumped, if not, youre lame...just kidding...but for real


Jgebbie said...

Can you get the coupon on line so we can print it out where ever we are and forward it on? That would be awesome. Great excuse to eat out for everyone. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you already thought of it, but you could turn this into a facebook event, to spread the word even quicker! Good luck and great idea!

Sara said...

im not for sure if i can do that online BUT if you leave a fax number with your school i can definanlty fax you a copy

gotta love technology

and to anonymous,
i had thought about a face book group but so often people just ignor them or just join them just to join.if people truely, genuinely care about caleb they are going to do more than just join a facebook group.
ya know?
but yea, i thought of it...i guess i just dont have a peace about it

Jgebbie said...

Way beyond school age ;-) Todd and Tami's niece. I will see what i can find for a fax number. Just want to make sure I do whatever I can to help out when ever the chance arises, makes those of us out here not feel so useless.

Carmen Busse said...

I want to do this... Im a little bit confused.... could you email me more info? I will hand them out all over lee. my email is

Deanna Conover said...

hey burgin! is there any way to get some here in colorado for me and some friends? if so let me know whats up so i can help out, k? Great idea and good luck in getting this started! God bless!

Anonymous said...

I am in Norfolk and want to help out. Do we just go to Bees to get the coupon or do we have to have them before hand? And if so where could I get one?

BLT said...

Hi Sara,
This is jgebbie's mom (& Todd Tucker's sister/Caleb's step-dad)and if you can fax the coupon I can scan it and email to her. Please fax it "Attention Becky" to 928-776-5678
I already have a large group of HUNGRY folks in the Prescott, AZ area ready to invade Appleby's October 8th! AND I have family scattered throughout the country who I could email the coupon to as well.
By the way.... You Rock!!

Anonymous said...

I think this is an awesome idea and I was wondering how to get a hold of a bunch of them so that we can give them to anyone at NHBC who would love to help in anyway they can.


Anonymous said...

hey i would love to be apart of this but can it happen anywhere at an applebees?
beause I live in Cleveland but if we can do it here I will def try and get it going here if no one else has!

KC said...

I'm in Norfolk too and would love to share the coupons with others that I know would love to help. The Norfolk B's is in on it too right? I'll call and ask so if anyone else from Norfolk wants to help - email me @

Nate Purdum said...

Hey Burgin...I want to help out too and so do my parents. AND I live in a fraternity house where I know that there would be tons of guys who would want to help out. How can I get ahold of some coupons here in Wichita and for my parents in Hutchinson? Let me know.

Wickers said...

Our school did this last year, and I think it may be specific to the AppleBee's in your area. You may need to check w/ your local restaurant and make sure they don't have a fundraiser scheduled for that night. If I remember right, we got the coupons from our local restaurant. Perhaps if we can't find a participating AppleBee's that night, we can eat in, or eat cheaper, and send the difference in to support Caleb's expenses. Just a thought. I know we'll be in Canada on the 8th, and probably not anywhere near an AppleBee's. Bless you in your efforts! You've got some great ideas and energy.
Kerry-Lea Wicker