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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Monday, December 1, 2008

Allograft for Wed.

I talked to Caleb this morning & he is suppose to go to St. Elizabeth's to have his Allograft surgery on Wed. at 10:30. He will be spending the night over there for sure. We are praying that he is able to return to Madonna the next day. Please pray that everything goes well.

I brought back pictures from the weekend to work & he's looking so good! I am awed at how God moves.........THANK YOU !!!!!!!

Love, Tami


Anonymous said...

dear ms.tami

i am laura katherine's friend that showed her caleb's blog and told her his story (my brother knows caleb). First off thank you soooo much for responding I think knowing that someone else is going through this right now and having them care enough to reply really helps laura out. She asked me to keep her updated on caleb so i guess i will keep you updated for her as she starts back to school tomorrow life will be crazy hectic with her mom at the hospital. She said to tell you thank you. Laura kate and i have been at the hospital all day and he is looking really good. His spirits are high but please pray that he can keep his left knee, that is something we are all very worried about, we are pretty sure he will get to keep the right knee. Please kepp him and definately his wife and 4 kids in your prayers. We are definately keeping caleb in ours.


Anonymous said...

dear caleb,
my family and i pray for you. we look forward to you being back in Norfolk in the future. my class sent you cards a while back. everyday my teacher reads your blog out loud to the class. please continue to hold strong to god.

Emily Wicker

BLT said...

Hey Caleb,
The new "standing ovation" pics are wonderful! You look awesome and us AZ folks can't wait to see you!!
Todd's Sis Beck