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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home for the Holidays

As I write this, Caleb is visiting with a cousin Darrin Kraft. They have been very close growing up & I am glad they are getting some time together.

I had a wonderful Christmas having Caleb here. We were able to go to a Christmas Eve service with other family members & it was very moving. Just being with other believers & sharing in God's love towards us was a cool experience.

Caleb spent Christmas day with his dad & family & then stayed over at his dad's house all day on Friday also & came to our house again today. He plans to go back to his dad's later as his is planning to go to church with them. Then it will be back to Bennington for rehab on Monday.

Wednesday he will go back to the burn Dr to have his Integra looked at. After approx. 21 days they will do a skingraft on that leg. So far it looks really good. Todd & I got to see it when we took him to his last appointment. It has been filling in very nicely. The Integra will provide a "base " for the skingraft & padding for his prosthetic.

Please continue to pray for his left hand. We are asking God to increase the mobility there. Thank You for all your prayers & support. We really appreciate each & everyone of you!! Love, Tami

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Hannah Elisabeth said...

Merry Christmas a couple days late! It's so amazing to see what God has done....we continue to lift you all up!!