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Caleb's NEW Address:
132 Hillside Dr
Norfolk, NE 68701

Elkhorn Valley Bank
Caleb R. Baber Medical Fund
800 West Benjamin Avenue
P.O. Box 1007
Norfolk, NE 68702-1007
Phone: 402-371-0722

Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I would like to say Thanks to Zach &/or Charlie for posting the pictures for me. Doesn't he look GREAT!!! A little skinny, but he's doing his best to catch up. Charlie brought him some cereal to snack on & I know one night over the weekend he ate 4 bowls!! I am bringing some Marshmellow Maties with me when we go down for surgery!

Surgery #13 will be his Allograft. Please pray that it heals exceptionally well. I know he is getting ansy to get up on his prosthetics. They have delayed the caste of his right leg because of surgery, but hopefully soon I'll have pictures of him standing upright on his own accord!!

Due to the weather, snow suppose to be coming in, we are debating whether or not to go down tonight. Caleb has decided that he wants his own clothes, so we are bringing all of those with us.

Laura Katherine, I will continue to pray that your Dad is able to keep his knee!!!

Love, Tami


Anonymous said...

not to brag or anything, but amber and i brought the cookie yeah...
-sara burgin

Nate Purdum said...

I'm coming next weekend. It's been a long wait to get time off and I can hardly wait...

ChefEric said...

Purdum if you use your trip up to see him a week before I get home! why I'll...I'll have to come see you myself, that's what I'll do and then we'll see what happens!

Love, Eric

Nate Purdum said...

Well...remember I'm going to be in Arizona next you can come down there. Or you can just wait until I get back to Wichita. Come to think about it though, the Grand Canyon would be a pretty nice camping trip, eh?