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132 Hillside Dr
Norfolk, NE 68701

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P.O. Box 1007
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Phone: 402-371-0722

Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Friday, December 19, 2008


I know that Caleb has been getting in touch with friends as a few of you have come out to the house to visit & he got snowed in town last night with friends. On the way home from Lincoln he asked "Do I have a curfew?"

He was able to pull off a surprise being home with his brother & dad the first night he was here. He enjoyed that!

He will begin assessments at QLI in Omaha on Tuesday & then start therapy on Monday the 29th. He has to go back to the burn surgeon on Wednesday the 24th to have him look at his leg. In 3-4 weeks they expect to do a skin graft on that leg & then let it heal & get his prosthetic. We are continuing to pray for that leg & left hand. It still can't grip.

Sometimes I am in such awe that we have been Blessed enough to 1) have him alive & 2) have him for Thanksgiving in NE & 3) HOME for Christmas!! God has so richly poured out Grace on our family. When He promised to never leave us nor forsake us, I am so grateful!! You never know how you will respond when something like this happens to you or your loved one, but God has carried us through! THANK YOU Lord!! For everything!!!
Love, Tami


lori taylor said...

we rejoice with you over these recent gifts of God. God knows what will delight us! I also marvel at seeing your trust in God through these hard days. It really reveals how faithful His Father heart has been.

Darrin Kraft said...

Caleb. I just wanted to let you know how strong i think your are. I dont know how i could ever go through this. Im so glad that god's hand is over you. I cant wait to see you some time this weekend or next week. I think this is your biggest acomplishment yet even over football or going to state wrestling. Caleb you are my hero, my cousin, and my friend. You know ever since I was little you were always my role model, I cant wait to see you. No matter what anyone tells you, you can do anything you set your mind it..
You know I love you soooo much.