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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Monday, November 17, 2008

Last Full Day in TN!!

Well, today is Caleb's last full day in TN. It is a bittersweet Blessing. He has met such awesome people here at Vanderbilt. The care he has received is excellent. We hope you will keep in touch. We will never forget all that you've done for Caleb & taking such good care of him.

We have not gotten the final word as to flight time tomorrow. The physical/occupational therapy guy is going to come discuss range of motion and such sometime today. And we should be getting word of flight time sometime today also.

After Caleb is headed to NE Todd & I will go to Cleveland and load up his stuff & then head to Lincoln. I think Rani & Grandpa are the welcoming committee at Lincoln.

It will be so good to get him to NE. Thank you all so much for all your thoughts, prayers & support! A semi-new phase begins for Caleb & I am still clinging to the song by John Waller "While I'm waiting". We are not close to being done with this journey, but at least we'll be in good 'ole NE!!!! Please continue to pray for his left knee. It will still need skin grafting & there is the possibility that the muscles they've placed there do not do as well as he needs them to be.

Love, Tami


Jgebbie said...

I pray that God gives you all a safe and comfortable journey tomorrow. My thoughts will be with you.


Anonymous said...

You do not know who I am or even who my family is. However, our hearts go out to you and your entire family, friends and well-wishers you've come to grow close with along the way. My name is Larry, my brother is Lance. I hope our paths may cross soon ay Madonna. I'm originally from Norfolk and my brother, his family as well as my sister and Mom and Dad still live there. Lance was admitted to Madonna a week ago Tuesday (11/11/08). Lance has a completly different journey that brought him to Madonna, which we can discuss sometime when we meet. Madonna is on eof those places that you can only dream of. Lance was brought in last Tuesday at 5pm and by 11am th enext morning we heard his voice for the first time in 3 weeks. He is a fighter and the staff makes sure he continues to fight. God Bless, and when I see Caleb's room number updated on his blog, I will stop in for a short visit.
In our prayers Larry.

Anonymous said...

Caleb and family, Although I can remember meeting you Caleb once during a CCDC outing I'm sure you won't remember me but you know our daughter Darcie. We are all so excited to hear you'll soon be back home in Nebraska. I know Darcie has been keeping in touch with you (Caleb) and she can't wait to see you when you get back, she wants to introduce you to all her friends at Midland in Fremont that joined her in prayers for all of you. Steve and I have kept you in our prayers constantly as well as our church in Pierce. I hope you will continue with the updates, I think I speak for many, many people when I say Caleb has become a member of many families and we love seeing the progress you are making. Our God is a wonderful and mighty God and I can't wait to see the things he has in store for you!! Congrats to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hey Caleb,

I'm so excited that you're able to transfer up to NE. It's been so great keeping up to date on your progress, I can't wait to see you when you get here!
You and your family are in my heart!

Dana U.