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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Missin' Caleb already!

Well, we've made it back to NE & Dad & Family are in TN. We drove through the night & made it home about 7:30am. Todd is still sleeping as he drove 99% of the way. I called Caleb this morning. He said he is enjoying his visit with family. The drugs made it a little difficult for him to stay awake when he's on the phone. So, I didn't get a lot of info from him. I will call later today & see how things looked in Hydro.

His spirits are good though. He's been such a patient, gentle, kind person. He asks eveyone who walks through his door, what their name is & introduces himself & asks how their day is going. He leaves no one out & usually remembers their name from that time forward. Needless to say, he has really become a favorite on the 11th floor Burn Unit!!

Thank you Sue & Mike for the comment. I look forward to making sure Caleb reads it. He does try to stay updated on the blog also & read the comments. Mike, I even have Penn State sweats! (My step daughters live in State College!) Caleb gave me a bad time about that before we left. He said I needed some NE volleyball sweats!

We love all of you & are so amazed at all of God's people that are praying for Caleb! It makes me cry every time I think about it & I am so grateful that you've taken the time to pray for my son!!! Like Todd & I discussed on the way home. How Mary must have felt when they were crucifying Jesus!! I highly recommend The Passion if you haven't seen it! Thank you again! Love, Tami

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Anonymous said...

Tami, What is hydro? Is it a water treatment? What kind of time frame are they giving for Caleb's recovery? What about college? I would like to know what Caleb's major is. Thanks for writing.
Sue Jacoby