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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Stomach Pains

I've talked to Caleb this evening & Tammy (step mom). He is having stomach pains. It could be as simple as gas pains, but given our history, it's hard to relax about it. I am doing my best to remember that he is in God's hands whether I am in TN or NE, but it's not been easy. Please pray that his stomach pain would be alieviated. And that mom would be able to get some sleep in spite of it.

He didn't go to Hydro today. Hydro is where they use water to loosen the dressings on his wounds & clean them up and examine them. They just did wound dressing changes in his room today.

If all goes well, we are hoping to have Caleb back in NE by Thanksgiving. We've been told that it's not an unrealistic goal. We are checking into Clarkson in Omaha & Madonna in Lincoln. Transportation could also pose another problem as our insurance company may not cover a plane ride to NE. He may have to wait until he is able to fly commercially.

Sue, Caleb will not be going back to Lee University until August. He is really anxious to get back to his studies. He is a pre-med student wanting to go to the mission field. He had planned to go to South Africa this coming January, but that's of course been tabled for now. I have the same email address that I had before you moved, if you remember it. Otherwise our phone number is available through information. I don't really want to post any of that info on the blog, I hope you understand. It sure has been good to hear from you. I've missed you!

Well, I need to go, but I want to Thank you all for the cards, letters, thoughts & prayers! They mean so much to us. Love, Tami

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Jan Ziga said...

I contacted a friend who's husband is a pilot for medical companies. She said to check out
Still praying.
Jan Ziga