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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quiet Day

It's been a quiet day. Caleb had a friend visiting and we went to the cafeteria. Otherwise, not much has gone on. He sure looks so good. He has no bandages on except a wound vac on his left leg. The chin looks WONDERFUL!!

He had visitors from Lee last night. And will have a few more visitors in the next couple of days. I don't have a lot to add. We are excited to get him home on Tuesday!!!

Thank you for all your support & prayers!!
Love, Tami


Anonymous said...

Hello Caleb and family,
So excited to hear that you are making it back to Nebraska on Tuesday! I wanted to tell you that I am a nurse at Madonna part-time, I work on Thursday nights, so I am excited to be able to see you progress further on your road to recovery and rehabilitation. Plus I think that Charlie will love having an excuse to come to Lincoln more often, guess I'll have to let him sleep on my couch!! Hope the week brings great things to look forward to, and I will look you up on Thursday night. I have been watching your progress via the blog, and my mom keeps me well informed!
See you soon, Katie (Nixon) Austin

Anonymous said...

Dear Tami, Since I can't say this face to face today, I will type out a few words to say how full my heart is in gratitude. We have been given a rare and beautiful glimpse into your heart over these last weeks. Perhaps there have been times for you and your family where you have felt 'in the dark' and possibly despairing. But you have also been given a gift from God to dare to believe, to boldly ask Him for help, to look at Him and not be afraid of what you will see. Because He has proved His love for you. Was the cost too high to you and Caleb, for this amazing and dazzling fruit to be produced? Not at all. Because He is doing such dazzling things right in the midst of the accident and the recovery. I admire your faith and joy...knowing that God gave them to you, but you have done great things with them! Love to all of you, Lori Taylor