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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surgery today....

I just got off the phone with Caleb & he said he is going into surgery today instead of Wed or Thurs. They are suppose to put the wound vac on his left leg & he wasn't sure if it was debridement or doing a fold?? He said his left left was causing him some pain, so please pray about that. I will try to call him later this afternoon.

Please continue to pray that his leg heals exceptionally well. It is key to getting him home.

Thank you again for all that people have done for us & on our behalf. The love we've felt is extraordinary!!!

Love, Tami

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Anonymous said...

My names Andrea, my boyfriend Danny ( not sure if Caleb has told you about him) was burnt in August by a powerline himself, Dan has gone into Calebs room a few times and talked to him. I truly understand everything you're going through and I wanted to say that you are so strong and God Bless you. I continue to pray for Caleb and your family daily.

Danny is back at Vanderbilt this week for his last surgery which was yesterday and he wanted to sit in Calebs room and talk to him, but they told him he had surgery. So when you talk to him tonight or tomorrow, if you would please tell Caleb that Dannys back and would love to hang out with him!
Thank you, God bless you!