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Caleb's NEW Address:
132 Hillside Dr
Norfolk, NE 68701

Elkhorn Valley Bank
Caleb R. Baber Medical Fund
800 West Benjamin Avenue
P.O. Box 1007
Norfolk, NE 68702-1007
Phone: 402-371-0722

Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last morning in TN

Please continue to pray for Caleb. The methadone fog has lifted & he is in much more pain. The emotional pain has "hit" Caleb & his heart is heavy. We talked & cried last night. Sometimes for what is unknown & scary, and sometimes for physical pain. He enjoyed the phone calls last night as we needed to go back to the apartment a little early to load up. We will be in NE sometime tomorrow. Grandpa, Rani & Levi will be in Lincoln today to be with him. We thank you for all the prayers for both of our journeys. Love, Tami

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Meri Lee Taylor said...

The realization of everything you've been through, must be overwhelming at times. I'm so sorry. My heart breaks for your pain, physical and emotional. But Caleb - you have made it through to this point. Challenges lie ahead, to be sure, but you have the strength within you to do this. Even though our visit was brief, I've been praying for you, and I can see the strength of your spirit in your eyes. It will not be like this forever. Soon your body will heal, you'll get used to your "bionic" legs, and the testimony and credibility you'll have in encouraging others in so many ways will be limitless. A beautiful life, used fully by the Lord. I feel that he gave me this verse for you: "When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul" Psalm 94:19. I am not minimizing this trial Caleb. I cannot say that I "know what you're going through", I don't know many who could. But Jesus does. Count on the fact that He knows you, and sees you, and loves you beyond measure. Your story, and the impact of your life, is just beginning.

With love and prayers,
Meri Lee