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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beautiful Worship

Yesterday I asked Caleb if he would like me to read to him from the devotional that his roommate's mom gave me..........Today being Sunday & all. He wanted me to have Zach & Charlie "put something together". Zach got permission to bring his guitar in they were able to have their own personal worship with the Lord. I wasn't even in the room & when the two guys came out with tears streaming down their faces, I knew it was good!!!! They sang "Come Thou Fount" before they left the room.

I am so grateful that God has put such wonderful young men in my son's life. They are truly brothers in the Lord! We are all so grateful to each of you for your support through this "joy" in our lives.......I'm learning to say that thanks to Caleb......It is such a joy to watch God provide in so many areas & in such different ways in all of our lives. THANK YOU!!!

Love, Tami

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Randall Gerard said...

Hey Caleb,

Prayed for you today in our worship service, and last week sang 'How Firm a Foundation'..

I thought you might particularly enjoy vs. 3 & 4:

When through the deep waters I call you to go, the rivers of sorrow shall not overflow; for I will be with you, your troubles to bless, and sanctify to you your deepest distress.

When through the fiery trials your pathway shall lie, my grace, all sufficient, shall be your supply; the flame shall not hurt you; I only design your dross to consume and your gold to refine.

Love you all,
Randy & Leslie