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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Next Mile

Hey everyone,

I talked to the family again today after the surgery. The doctors are really uncertain how usable Caleb's left leg will be. Because of the nature of burn wounds, the physicians have to keep removing tissue that is dying and there is a critical point where even if the leg survives, so much of the muscle will have been removed the leg won't be useful. This brings up many questions: do we keep the leg and see how well it funtions; should we consider prosthetics etc. If they do try and keep the leg there are numerous, complicated surgeries that would be necessary, some of which even if they work require removing tissue from other parts of the body. There is enough damage to his right foot as well that the doctors don't believe he will have total functioning capacity either. The medical staff is looking to do more surgery next wednesday, potentially on Caleb's chin and neck
Though Caleb initially talked clearly to his family, he doensn't remember the accident right now and is confused about where he is and what is happening. This is difficult for two reasons: 1) we want to be able to talk to Caleb and know how he is doing but 2) it also makes the decision making process very stressful.
Caleb is not really clear enough mentally because of the medication to make these decisions. A deep request from Caleb's parents is how to approach this. Let's pray that God gives Caleb the ability to think clearly and know how he is supposed to proceed confidently from this point. Being as Caleb is 20, his parents don't want to make decisions for him that will significantly impact the rest of his life without his agreement. We can only imagine the weight of that.
The family,though thankful for where Caleb is now, is very tired and truly needs strength in this time. It is really critial that we pray for them because if they are exhausted, frustrated, or just overwhelmed with the situation, it has a huge impact on Caleb. So please continue to pray specifially for Marc Baber, Tami Tucker, and Bob Baber as they are down there. We really need to come alongside in this time.
Also, as we want Caleb to wake up and be cognisant and alert, pray that when he does God would keep his heart from bitterness or anger. These kind situations are life-altering. Ask that the Lord would make himself so real to Caleb and aware of his Love that resentment and anger would not have an entrance into his heart.

One day at a time

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