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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Scare & more praise

We got quite a scare last night. We received a call from Levi about midnight telling us that Caleb was bleeding from his shoulder. He didn’t really know much more at that time, but what had happened was a section in Caleb’s artery in his shoulder/bicep area had disintegrated & he was rushed in for emergency surgery. They took a vein from his left thigh area & spliced it in to the damaged area, & repaired a small hole a little further down. He is back in ICU for the time. We were able to go in & visit him at about 4:00am. He still had the breathing tube, but was able to respond to us.
My gosh, the God things never cease to amaze us……………first off Caleb shouldn’t be here once again. God woke him up & he was able to tell Levi, who “just happened” to be spending the night with him, that he was bleeding. Caleb would have not been able to call for help, it happened so quickly, but his little brother was right there to call for help.
If they had been able to do the shoulder flap the other day, we might not have found the cause of the bleeding in time.
God is so not finished with this young man. It has been comforting to feel His loving arms around us through each “bump”.
Todd (step-dad) was planning to fly back to NE today, but was able to change his flight to Sat. So I have the privilege of his company for a few more days!
We give God our Heavenly Father so much thanks for again watching over our loved one! Thank You Lord!!! What a Mighty God we serve!! Love, Tami


Anonymous said...

We usually pray for Caleb during the day and with the boys right before bed. Even though we had just lifted him up in prayer, I was prompted to pray for him again around 11:30 pm last night. I certainly wasn't the only one covering him in prayer last night. God is using His people in ways Caleb can't even see or imagine. God is so good!
Heather Evenson

Eric said...

I read this and I think of Levi. Your brother needs you man. God used you to save his life. I know it was scary for you but God wanted to use YOU that night. I love you and Caleb both like brothers and reading this just reminds me to keep working hard at praying for everyone involved in this time of Caleb's life. Thanks God.

Pat said...

Caleb & Family,

We thank God for all that He has done in your lives. You are a beautiful picture of how God takes care of us day after day. With all the turmoil that is in the world today, He is the only stability we can count on. We are continuing to pray for your progress, rest, strength, and wisdom for all.

We Love You,

Tom & Pat