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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Friday, October 10, 2008

Great day yesterday!  We made it to Nashville after driving through the night & when we came to town we were able to go in and see Caleb at 1:00.  Levi flew in on Wed evening to spend fall break with his brother.  He was able to spend the morning with Caleb.  They went for a couple of rides in the wheel chair......and they were able to go outside.  

And then.......CALEB WALKED  almost to the nurses station!!!  He held the nurses hands for support. Levi was the witness........We spent a couple hours with Caleb & were able to go outside also.  We got a picture with Mom.  

They tried to hook up the internet in his room through his T.V.  There are a few snags that need to be worked out, but I hope that works well for him.  We were able to show him this website.  We didn't have time to really read much, but he was very interested in reading the blogs & comments.  So if there is anything you want to say to Caleb, he will be checking this site out in the next few days.  

He/we Thank you for the upcoming fund raiser at Applebee's.  He's very touched by all the generosity we have experienced!  We thank you from the bottom of our heart!
Today he will have more possible tissue removal.  I haven't heard about reconstruction today, although it's not out of the question.  He will be going in for surgery around 12:00.  I will post after the necessary phones when he is done.   

God is moving in incredible ways through this entire situation & we are all so Blessed to be included in the Blessing!!  
Tami (mom)


BLT said...

WOW! Now that's how I like to start a Friday, with the news that Caleb has walked! Miracles NEVER cease to amaze (and delight) me! Keep up the couragous fight to recover Caleb, we're all praying for you!!
Beck (Todd's sis)

Miss*Hannah said...

God is so good! All the time!! : )It's incredible to hear that Caleb is walking and able to go outside! Caleb, your story here is such a reminder of God's faithfulness! He never does leave us, He is always there is guide us through all things! Praise God for you, Caleb, and your family! I'm so thankful that your family has been able to draw all of their strength from the Lord- He is just SO good!

Heather said...

Caleb, it's been a long time since elementary school at PACS. I'm so glad you've been keeping the faith. There are a lot of people praying for you at PACS and CBC. You've been an encouragement to me to work hard to show the love of Christ to the unsaved people around me. Thanks!
In Christ, Heather

Chris Sellars said...

Caleb, it's great to hear you are doing better. I've been praying for you and will continue to. Keep it up, and don't get discouraged, I'm sure you still have a long road ahead of you.

Anonymous said...

Your Nixon family from Norfolk and The Meadows family want you to know we love you. You will be hearing from us soon. Klancy & I visited Charlie last night-he is planning a trip to Nashville next week. Take care-get well-hopefully you can be back in Husker territory soon!! God loves you!
jan n.

The Davies said...
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The Davies said...

Hi there- I don't know you or Caleb...but I am a former Lincoln, NE campus life leader and one of my former students is dating Caleb's best friend (Charlie I think?) and let me know about the situation. My husband is actually a resident at Vanderbilt and had the chance to meet Caleb recently. Since we live in the Nashville area I just wanted to let you guys know that if you know that if ANYONE needs a place to stay in Nashville while they come see Caleb- our house is definitely open. We live less than 15 minutes away from Vandy and have the space for visitors! Feel free to email me if we can open our home to anyone!!

In Him,
Traci Davies

Carmen said...

This makes me happy in so many ways! :) prayer works... and God has amazing plans. That is all! overjoyed! :)

Kristin said...

We are praising our Lord for continued answers to prayer!!
The Heimes family

Anonymous said...

what a great day it is!!!! Caleb you will always be on our minds. We will continue to have you and your family in our prayers.

Steve and Tammy Purdum
Hutchinson, KS

Jgebbie said...

This is the best thing I have heard all week! Way to go Caleb and way to stay positive and focused for this amazing guy Baber, Goodwater, Tucker families! I am proud to call you all family and am sending you all hugs positive thoughts and continued prayer things keep getting better. Caleb you truly are meant to be something so much more than you could have imagined and I think God is leading you in that direction every day! Keep up the fight.

Love you guys,
Jenn (Todd & Tami's niece)

Whitney said...

I am so encouraged to read that last blog! God is so great and continues to remind us that He is in complete control. Caleb, i have missed seeing you at church. We have been praying for you and your family every day. God has truly blessed you with a great family and awesome friends. I am so glad you are getting better and you walked, thats great! I am sure it was nice to get outside. Me and Steven were talking and we would love to come see you when its possible! Your are still in my prayers!
-Whitney Barton (Westwood)

Linda Blank said...

Caleb and don't probably don't remember me Caleb, I am Darcie's mom. You and her were in CCDC together and I met you once when I came to watch your skit. Darice thinks the world of you and your faithfulness to our Lord. I just want you to know that ever since she called and told us of your accident we have been praying constantly for you, your family and your heath team at the hospital. You have also been on our prayer chain at our church. It's so wonderful to hear such fantastic news. We pray God will continue his blessings of health upon you, take care...some day I want to meet you again back in Nebraska! To God be the Glory! Linda Blank

Anonymous said...

We love you very much. Come home and see us soon.
David, Suzi, Austin, & Coltin

Renee Stepp said...

OMG! That is so great Caleb is walking!!


LeeGurl07 said...

Oh wow!! This is amazing!! God is so good!! Good job Caleb! Keep it up so you can come back down here! Miss seeing your smiling face!
~Alyssa Kelley