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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well, I am back in NE & we had a safe journey. Thank you to my brother & his wife for the ride home! It is with such mixed emotions that I am here. Caleb's dad & grandpa will be staying with him until another family member is able to go. For the moment I need to take a respite to keep the balance in my life, because this is going to be a very long process. The mom in me wants to be there for every visit, but I remind myself that Caleb is in God's hands ALWAYS.

I spoke with Marc this morning & Caleb was able to get some sleep last night (thank you Lord) which led to a more "normal" Caleb at the visit today. That could change by the 1:00 visit. I remind myself that he is heavily medicated for pain, and he will not be himself, really, for quite awhile.

He is experiencing a low grade fever that they are trying to determine the cause of. So far the cultures haven't shown anything. Please keep the threat of infection in prayer.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for the support that has been given. WOW! God is so good to provide such an amazing support base to help us all through this, whatever our role is. Whether it be family that is with Caleb is person, family & friends that are with Caleb in prayer, Todd & Tammy for holding down the homefront, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents, all of Caleb's wonderful friends, the people that really didn't know him but have been touched by this situation & led to send a card, the support through our respective jobs through this trial, all the churches that have him on their prayer lists, I am hoping that I haven't forgotten others & if I have, please forgive me, but I/we THANK YOU all so much!

God will get the Glory through this. That is my utmost prayer!

I will be calling to get an update every morning & will post it as soon as I am able.

Tami (mom)
p.s. When I ask Caleb to smile for me, he flashes the most beautiful smile!!


Carmen said...

:) I bet he does! I am so glad for that smile! I am thinking of you Tami. I pray that God will give you strength in this next portion of time at home. A God that holds a larger universe than we can ever fathom in the palm of His hand, also holds this situation and your Beautiful boy of yours in that same palm. You will make it through this next time, I know it. I was reminded recently of something that was said to me long ago... Even though we dont understand it, all throughout history and the Bible, it seems as though, "whom God GREATLY uses, he Greatly bruises". God has great things in store for Caleb the poeple involved in this... as hard as it is to see and to believe in some days, He REALLY does.
I pray for healing, peace, comfort and a settled spirit in Jesus name!

Renee Stepp said...

That is great that he is smiling for you!!!! Hope all is going well.

HeatherLove said...

Every little moment that something positive happens makes me jump for joy and praise God! I can only image his smile right now and it almost brings me to tears. May you continue to have a sense of peace knowing that God is watching over and holding Caleb every minute of every day! Prayers for Caleb and family will continue to flow from my lips. God is SoOOO good!!

Lori said...

I wanted you to tell Caleb (and see if this makes him smile!) that Ragland, from Uddemarri, emailed me to tell you that the children that Caleb's sponsor are praying for him. And they ask for updates so they can praise and pray each day. How that young man has impacted people on more than one continent! Lori Taylor

Carmen said...

That last comment makes my heart melt. Im sure it would Calebs too...

Caleb Baber said...

it does