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Caleb's NEW Address:
132 Hillside Dr
Norfolk, NE 68701

Elkhorn Valley Bank
Caleb R. Baber Medical Fund
800 West Benjamin Avenue
P.O. Box 1007
Norfolk, NE 68702-1007
Phone: 402-371-0722

Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I just wanted to thank all of you who have posted comments on the blog. I read them regularly. They are a great source of encouragement to me. THANK YOU!!!

When Todd & I go back to NE, Caleb has asked me to continue to post on the blog for him. I will be calling him at least twice a day for updates.

Please pray for me going back to NE. I am ready for a little "home" time, but it will be difficult to leave. I thought it was not easy when he came to TN for college in the first place.........but I have a wonderful husband to help me through that.

Again, thank you for the comments. I so appreciate them.


ShortPantherGirl8907 said...

May you give me the number that Caleb can be reached at?


Cheryl said...

Hello, Caleb. Derald & I are Carmen's mom & dad. We have a community of family and friends here in Canada who have been praying for you the whole time. "Why?" is a question that God seldom answers--if He did explain, we'd probably just go "Duh", because our understanding is so far short of His. But we hear of your love & trust toward the Lord, Caleb, and your courage in making a very difficult decistion. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you (and Mom) for keeping us posted on your blogspot. You will contininue in our prayers, and we will be cheering for you and your family as you go through rehabilitation.

the Blooms said...

Dear Caleb or(K-love as garrett use to call you when he was littler and we would see you in church or on the football field)
The boys still never forget to pray for you in there bedtime prayers and before meals.We can't wiat to have you closer in Nebraska. Phil said will have to plan a trip to visit you once your settled closer to home. We continue to pray for God's unfailing peace and protection on you as you continue to rehab.
the Blooms

Courtney said...

Hellow Caleb and family. This is Courtney Strawser--I am facilitating the Support Caleb ribbon fundraiser with the Science Dept. and around campus.
I just wanted to encourage you all with the fact that so many people here are eager to help support you in this difficult time--with their prayers and donations. There is a facebook group that you may want to visit (
We are praying and supporting you, Caleb, and these ribbons will soon be around campus to represent you. Please be in contact, I have a facebook.
God Bless you. ~*~Courtney~*~