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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surgery went well!

Surgery went very well. The right leg was a perfect amputation. The left leg, Dr. Summit put at the same length, and pulled things (muscles) around. He is leaving it "open" for swelling etc, to go down before he would put a skin graft on it. It is still imperative that we pray that his left knee will be workable. The damage on that leg went slightly higher than his knee & you could see some bone during wound care. But for now, Caleb still has both knees.

The burn on the left inside elbow was pretty much healed on it's own, so it didn't require any skin grafting. The chin was not addressed today, but will be at a later date. Please continue to pray for his shoulder to heal as Caleb will need good usage of that shoulder for leg rehab.

Dad & Tammy & kids are coming down this weekend with Mom & Todd going to NE. Grandpa Baber will be relieving them on Tues/Wed. We are thinking he will stay about 10 days, with Todd & I planning to come back after that.

Thank you for all your prayers & support! What a Mighty God we serve!


ChefEric said...

Amen. Tami I would like to talk to you and Caleb sometime about the future. Now that I am counting the time until I am home in weeks and not months I want to know how I can get some Caleb into the plans. can we arrange a call?

Amz said...

Hi Caleb and Family,
A dear friend of yours, Eric has kindly been keeping me (and the Logos Hope Ships Company) updated on your condition.
I just wanted to say what a testimony you are to the many of us who are reading your blog and following your journey.
I can't imagine the pain you are going through, but am so encouraged at the way you are clinging so tightly to Jesus through this time.
I pray that you would find a supernatural comfort and abounding joy as you rest in the shadow of the almighty God. He loves you so much and is beside you each step of the way.
I too love Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns.. may this continue to encourage your hearts!
You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey People in Norfolk
We are having a soup luncheon on election day from 11:30 til the soup runs out for our residents. The staff agreed to have a free will donation basket for Caleb during our luncheon. Spread the word so we can raise some funds for Caleb!
The Meadows Jan Nixon