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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Monday, October 20, 2008

Uncle Josh & Aunt Kristie went home today. They were able to spend the entire 9:00 visit with Caleb & I stayed back at the apartment & dusted & vacuumed.......who-hoo! It was in need of cleaning. So it worked out well for everyone.

The last we've been told anything he is scheuled to have the flap surgery tomorrow at 7:30am. I will post after surgery as soon as I get the family members called. Please keep this surgery in prayer. They will be moving the Latt muscles to cover the armpit. I am hoping to have some information concerning the legs also tomorrow. Caleb said he is scheduled to get his MRI done at 2:45 today. We are continuing to pray that things are looking good.

We have come to the place, that no matter what the circumstances, we are just praying for God's perfect will. It's so easy to want specific things to happen, but as God so clearly showed last week when the flap surgery didn't happen, that He knows best......He knows all the little workings in Caleb's body & the future & we are at Peace with knowing he is so in control.

It is such a beautiful day out today. I pray that you all are able to enjoy it, (even if it's not so nice up at home!) We love you all & thank you again for demonstating God's love toward us!


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