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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

There is not much to really say today. Caleb is doing well. He went to Hydro right before noon. Things looked very good this morning on his wounds. Better than they expected. He is back in his room sleeping at the moment. His spirits have been high & he's even joked about not having feet. We still have many obsticles ahead of us, but we are on the road to recovery.

Again, please pray that he is able to keep that left knee. It will aid him so much in his rehabilitation process. We are also praying that his left shoulder heals well to help him get around during that process.

I am so proud of my son. The choices that he has had to make were not ones that you want your child to have to make, but he has shown so much maturity throughout this. He has been such a testimony to me about clinging to "this is where God has me". I fully expect him to do well in the rehabilitation phase of his life. He is a very hard working young man & I'm sure that will serve him well during this time in his life.

We will never be able to truly express our gratitude to all who have offered up prayers & support on our behalf. THANK YOU!!!

Love, Tami

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Anonymous said...


I am a professor in the science dept here at Lee. I haven't had Caleb in any classes, but feel like I know him from keeping up with your family through his friends and your blogs. He has not been out of my family's prayers since the accident. Our Sunday School class in Dalton, as well as all of First Baptist Church, has been praying. I meet people in the hall and they as "How's Caleb" before they even say hello.

I pray for God's continued presence in Caleb's recovery. I also pray for you. I have a son just a little older than Caleb, and I can only imagine the stress you are under. Please try to take care of yourself--Caleb is going to need you for a long time.

God bless,

Jo Beth Boyer