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Recovery in full swing

Recovery in full swing

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tuesday's Surgery - Rebuilding Begins!!

Today Caleb got to meet Dr Summit, his plastic surgeon. He wants to start the rebuilding on Tuesday. He's mentioned pulling the Trap muscle up over the shoulder area. He wants to look at the chin & forearm, also. (I didn't realize there was still more on the forearm.) They have not done the shark cartildge on the foot yet either. He said he wants to stay above the waist on Tuesday.

Today was a day of walking 36 feet, not too shabby!! Going for another wheel chair ride outside. The breeze felt so good. Caleb & I & Todd also read some of his mail.......we can't believe how many cards he's received!! Thank You all!! Then he used the laptop the school has let me use to get on facebook & check his email.....thanks Shelley for the emails.....he really appreciates them!!

We talked to one of his nurses tonight. She said when he came in, those first 2 days, he was really not expected to to see him walking down the hall today......what a miracle!!!!!!

Caleb has been so gracious to everyone who is working with him & quickly becoming a "favorite" patient!! As mom, it's encouraging to see that after getting through the teen years!!

I know that all of his family hope & pray that if you do not know the Lord as your personal savior, that through this experience, you will come to know the Lord! And if you do know the Lord, that your faith will increase through this experience. I know that I am learning more about God's Grace through this, than I ever thought possible.


Carmen said...

:) ...not expected to live...Looks like God had other plans! everyone I talk to about these last few blogs have permanent smiles written across their faces. We serve and Awsome God...

Anonymous said...

Tami & Family - Just wanted to let you know that I check this website daily for updates on Caleb. He's in the thoughts and prayers of his extended family out in California! Take care and let us know if you need anything.

Your Cousin Rani Stephens & Family